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DO RESEARCHKNOW YOURFACTSKNOW HISTORYLEARN FROM THE PAST (1)These are true statistics of the death toll from the aftermath of the Atomic Bomb Warfare in Japan.

For years after Hiroshima was destroyed, the Japanese government stated that about 140,000 people died either directly or by the end of 1945 because of the atomic bomb. However, according to an article in The Japan Times, August 7-13, 1995, Vol. 35, the government has downgraded that longstanding and often quoted number of 140,000 by almost 40%. Based on a 4-year survey, the Japanese government now placed the number of confirmed deaths by the end of 1945 at 87,833.

The Japan Times article also stated 522,664 people were affected and that 246,726 have so far died. This statistic is difficult to support mathematically since less than half were estimated to have been in Hiroshima at the time of the explosion. The Japanese government has always included anyone who died from any of what they consider bomb-related diseases in the total number of deaths. This includes deaths due to cancer, leukemia, etc., although these illnesses occur naturally in both the bomb and non-bomb affected Japanese general population.

Thank you to Jack Spangler for his detailed information shared in this blog. Jack Spangler, closest friend to Lt. Jacob Beser, co-authored The Rising Sun Sets with Jerome Beser.

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The Stakes Were Too High!

BESERMedals"The Stakes Were Too High..." Lt. Jacob Beser explains in his own words, his view on war and the winning of WWII.

"As in any war, our goal was, as it should be, to win. The stakes were too high to equivocate. We had to do what was necessary! Humane warfare is an oxymoron. War, by definition, is barbaric. I particularly feel a special sense of indignation at those self-proclaimed humanitarians that make an acceptable or intolerable distinction between the use of nuclear explosives or the use of conventional explosives and/or fire bombing or bullets as the means of killing the enemy. To try and distinguish between an acceptable method of killing and an unacceptable method is ludicrous. In my mind, to suggest that one specific act of war is barbaric and thereby are acceptable and consequently legal! If you have to die in warfare, what is the difference of being killed by a bomb or a bullet?"

"We do not claim that we as mortal men alone won the war. We do not claim that the thousands of men and women on the home front that designed and built the atomic bombs in record time won the war. A secret weapon far greater and far more powerful than the atomic bomb won the war... American ingenuity, industry and unanimity of purpose were the deciding factors."

~ Jacob Beser, October 1945