A Press Release (shown Below) was released today, asking President Obama to help our Mission to Send our Heroes Home. Thousands of Remains are held in a Warehouse in Hawaii belonging to WWII MIAs and we are urging the President & the citizens of this great country to honor these heroes and their families, by allowing for their identification and sending them home to rest.

We are reaching out to all Americans to help in this mission. This will be a very detailed and costly mission, but well worth it. These families have been waiting over 70 years to locate their soldiers.

We welcome information on the missing, as well as help to get this done now!

Help us, help & honor our Soldiers! They need us more than ever. After all, 71 years is way too long to wait!



The Beser Foundation is proud to launch 3 very important missions to assist our Veterans and our citizens:
  • 1. Post Traumatic Stress 12-Step Initiative: A National Progam to help all Vets suffering from PTSD in a welcoming community of support and solutions.
  • 2. Teach Our Children: The Education Initiative. Through our vast Archives, Textbooks and Curriculum Guides, factual history will be told. In addition we will offer Parenting Skills and Family Help to Military Families struggling with challenges.
  • 3. Bring Our Heroes Home. Help for MIAs that remain unidentified and unable to be returned to their families for proper burial. Through DNA we will locate, ID and return the heroes that were lost from battle.
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