Rising Sun Sets Book BOOK & DVD: The Atom Bomb Compilation


THE RISING SUN SETS: The Complete Story of the Bombing of Nagasaki Soft Cover Book

Edited by: Jerome Beser & Jack Spangler
Compiled from Unpublished Documents provided by the Beser Foundation for Archival Research & Preservation

“Jacob Beser sets the record straight and clearly refutes the guilt, remorse and insanity myths sometimes advanced in the liberal media. He presents a chilling reminder that nuclear weapons should never be used again in warfare.”
~ Don A. Ferrell, Hostorian & Author; Tinian Atomic Bomb Files

DVD : A Compilation from Lt. Jacob Beser’s Private Archives (by Jaclyn Iskra). Contains rare footage and sound bites from the inflight recordings on board the Enola Gay during the actual bombings. Powerful Film!!


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