LOGOMIAAre you still looking for a family member who never came home? The sad truth is that thousands upon thousands of our brave men and women have never returned home after battle and are still MIA. Many of these soldiers have been lost and never found. Even worst many have been recovered but never been returned to their families for the proper burial they deserve.

The DPAA (Department of POW/MIA Accounting Agency) has published a list of 900+ Maryland MIAs from previous wars, that cannot be returned until family members are located to provide DNA for positive identification.

At this time, we are asking for all citizens to get involved in finding these families, so that these heroes can finally be repatriated, after all, haven’t they waited long enough? How long has it been? Consider this, it's been 71 years since WWII; 63 years since the Korean War and 41 years since Vietnam. These Marylanders made the ultimate sacrifice, when they decided to fight for the freedom of strangers, isn’t it about time we fought for them and worked together to return them to their families.

BELOW ARE 3 LINKS to the MARYLAND MIAs from 3 Major Wars: WWII, Korean War and Vietnam.
WORLD WAR II (809 MIAs from Maryland)
KOREAN WAR (139 MIAs from Maryland)
VIETNAM WAR (23 MIAs from Maryland)

Review the list, see what names you may recognize and get in touch with us as soon as possible, by email or call us at 443-844-7197. The call you make may be the one that finally brings a Maryland family the closure they have been waiting for.